That “oh my god this coach GETS me!”
kind of copywriting


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Let me know if you check any of these boxes...

...but I just SUCK at talking about myself. The problem is, I’m hella picky (some would even say a perfectionist) in my biz, so I’m not outsourcing my copywriting to just anybody...

I’m pretty creative, and I’m not an awful writer...

I do, however, understand the insane value of incredible copy for a coaching biz, so I am NOT willing to settle for mediocre messaging.

I’m good at a lot of things…but writing is not one of them. 

I need this written YESTERDAY and done flawlessly the FIRST time.

Honey, I got 99 problems, and finding the time to write my own copy (or do anything out of my zone of genius, for that matter) is 98 of them! 

Hey, I get it.

Running your biz and building a whole damn empire is no simple task. 

So if you’re ready to massively level up your messaging and
 take your offers from that “eh, maybe” level to “hell yes!” no-brainers
and turn  iffy prospects into brand obsessed bffs’re in the right place. 

Meet your Copy Partner

As your copy partner, it’s my mission to provide you with words that work as hard as you do.

I do this with intentional copy that sets you apart from the other guys/gals in a way that remains true to your brand vibe & values so you can connect with your clients and convert prospects in the realest way.

Your secret weapon & conversion copy sidekick helping you educate, inspire, and enlighten your audience using a careful combo of strategy and storytelling. 

The result? 

Transforming tentative prospects into
brand-obsessed BFFs. 

Copy Partner (noun) :


Homegirl got her start as a B2B (business to business) technology copywriter 🤓.

I wasn’t driven to that path by burning passion or any sort of affinity for tech. I’ll tell you what did drive me in that direction: money.

Shocker, right? 

Since I had experience in the industry, I was good at it, and I was told that was the niche to focus on if you wanted to make bank, that’s where I began.

Still working at Capital One as a lead copywriter at the time and feeling unfulfilled at that day job, I would come home and crank out some B2B tech content feeling equally unfulfilled.

The real fun started when I decided to quit Cap One with not nearly enough savings in the bank to support myself and took my B2B tech copywriting biz full-time (my mom was PISSED when I told her about this “irresponsible decision”). 

Two months in, I was making big bucks and doing pretty well for myself.

Naturally, I decided this was the perfect time to switch sh*t up BIG TIME. 

Here’s the thing—I’m not going to lie for the sake of a good story.

A conversion copywriter & brand storyteller 
for female coaches

Hey! I'm Mackenzie

I’m not gonna sit here and tell you I started as a copywriter for coaches, or that I knew from day #1 that my purpose was to help other female entrepreneurs—quite frankly—make sh*t happen.

Nope. It all began in quite the opposite direction, actually. 

Let’s talk about you, your story, and how we can use your maybe less-than-perfect path to connect you with your people.

You in? 

Now, enough about me.

Despite branding myself as a B2B tech copywriter, I had always attracted online coaches.

After doing some soul searching (aka ranting to unamused friends about not knowing what direction to niche down in), I realized coaches were actually my favorite kind of entrepreneurs to partner up with—we always made an amazing team.  

So I was all, “why not?!” 

I took a chance, jumped in headfirst, and haven’t even glanced back since.

I’m hooked. (And, it doesn’t hurt that I’m really freaking good at this whole “copywriting for coaches” thing.)

So there it is. That’s it.

My story isn’t super clean-cut, and maybe I didn’t do things the way I was “supposed to.” But hey, it led us together and to have this chat, so I’m pretty happy with how things turned out. 

May 2016

Received my B.A. in Professional & Technical Writing from Virginia Tech

August 2016

Started my side biz as a copywriting consultant for B2B technology brands

June 2016

Started working as a copywriter at
Capital One


 Snagged a spot on your calendar for a Copy Consult Call ;)

March 2019

Left corporate life to take my business full-time

July 2019

Officially left behind the B2B tech copywriting scene to focus solely on copywriting for female coaches

How it all went down...

B.A. in Professional & Technical Writing (cum laude) from Virginia Tech

Degree & Alma Mater

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Empath + Sass

Personality Type

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Anything on Bravo (if you try to tell me any season of Real Housewives other than NYC is the best, things might get physical)

The outdoors (especially the ocean!)

Plants that I can manage to keep alive




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Richmond, VA 
(But working with badass coaches all over the world)


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"I love bread."

Favorite quote

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Oh, and it grows your brand awareness, your brand loyalty, and your bottom line (Cha-Ching!)

High-quality copy that knocks your socks off but doesn’t let your toes get cold.

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