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difference between copywriting and content writing

I write for a living—so the difference between copywriting and content writing is obvious to me (I’ve done both for many years). But—understandably!—it isn’t to most… I always see these terms being used interchangeably and am often asked what—if anything—is the actual difference between copywriting and content writing? Spoiler alert: The difference is major! So […]

August 5, 2021

What kinds of businesses need a strong brand personality? All of ’em (at least, the kind that want to be successful). Let’s face it: There are thousands of articles, blog posts, and social media captions out there. So when embarking on the mission to stand out through written copy, you definitely have your work cut […]

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A while ago, I found myself in a position young Mack never thought she would be in—as a guest on a podcast of an extremely successful coach, whose methods actually helped me develop my own business from the beginning.  This extremely successful coach is Cait Scudder, and she’s a sassy, badassy, Forbes-featured business coach for […]

September 10, 2021

Launch copywriting

QUICK QUIZ! Lemme know if THIS is what one of your typical launches looks like: ✅  Stress for a few weeks to get your offer ready… ✅  Once your offer is set, you send out your official “cart open” email… ✅  You throw out a few hype posts on your Instagram to remind your followers […]

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professional conversion copywriter

  Your copy is a massive piece of the conversion puzzle. If you want to successfully take a potential client or customer alllllll the way from the start of their buyer’s journey to the final point of whipping out their card to make a purchase (woohoo!), you need to know how to work your words […]

June 26, 2020

3 TYPES OF EMAILS YOU NEED FOR A SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH   So you’re on the verge of your next big launch. You’ve got a wicked offer ready to serve your audience and you’re counting down the days until cart open. Sounds great, but what are you missing? Selling to your audience requires a unique blend […]

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    Sales page copywriting is not like other types of writing, and it’s far different from anything you may have learned in English class.  When someone decides to make a purchase, it’s because they are convinced what they are buying will help them in some way. That the offer they’ve chosen to spend their […]

March 24, 2020

Professional Copywriter

My 10 Must-Have Copywriting Tools for 2020     When I tell people what I do, I get often get the ol’, “oh man, I could never do that…I suck at writing.”⁠ Hell yeah, words are hard. It takes plenty of time and practice to hone your craft (but what doesn’t??).  Thankfully, just because it […]

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website copywriting

Copywriters don’t come cheap.  At least…not the ones who will write a website for you that sparks conversions and connects with readers. So if you choose DIY website copy, I don’t blame you! When was the last time you went back and reviewed your site with fresh eyes and from the perspective of the reader? […]

February 3, 2020

10 Elements of an Online Course Sales Page That Converts You poured your heart, soul, and a helluva lot of your time into creating your online course. Now, you need to make sure it sells with an online course sales page primed for conversions. Rather than devoting even more hours on end to pitching your […]

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While I’ve written for a wide variety of industries over the years, my ultimate superpower is helping female online coaches scale with sass using personality-driven copy and impactful brand storytelling.

Need actionable insight on how to speak your dream client’s language? You’re in the right place.

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