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A 2-hour audit + copy update to optimize a piece of your work (your website, a sales page, an email sequence, etc.) for connections, conversions, flow, and fire personality that people won’t forget.

Copy Takeovers



Get your upgraded copy back & start selling!

When everything’s good to go, I’ll send back your updated copy with a Loom video walkthrough. Then, you’re free to use the new copy as you see fit, and start celebrating your new sales!

How It Works

Step #1

Complete the prep work & send it back with the work you want audited within a week.

After purchasing your Conversion Copy Takeover, you’ll have one week to complete and send back the prep work and the piece of copy you want audited.

Step #2

keep yourself busy for 5 business days while I make some magic happen.

I go in with expert eyes and a fine tooth comb, and update + audit as much as I can in two hours.

Step #3

Mackenzie took my sales page from "passably converting" to converting at the top tier of my expectations. She literally doubled my conversion rates.

I don't need to tell anyone selling a product out there how that impacts income, ad spend, and my ability to help more clients - it's a no-brainer.

She has a way with words and figured out how to tease desire out in the best way - and ways I never would have thought about.

Britney Gardner, Brand Strategist

"mack literally doubled my conversion rates."

After working with Mack, I honestly felt soooo relieved. She was super easy to communicate with PLUS she proved to be a legit PRO at capturing MY authentic voice and story. 

Mack is the real deal, she is funny, witty and easy-going. 

Do not wait. It’s such a sound investment, and you’re going to get back every penny that you invest.

She is the only copywriting fairy on the internet. There’s nothing more to it.”

Anna-Christina Gustafson, Success Coach

"do not wait. you’re going to get back every penny that you invest."

If you're looking for a copywriter who is going to get even MORE intimate with WHO your ideal client is and speak to them directly, look no further. [Mackenzie] does the extensive research about you, what you offer, and your client so that she can highlight your work and communicate it clearly to your ideal client so that they KNOW you are the person to help them

She's committed to laying the foundation to ENSURE you are more clear than ever in your marketing. 

Whether you snag her programs that teach you how to do it, or you have her dive in and do it for you!!!! She's the real deal and such a pleasure to work with!!!!

Kenni-Richelle King, Business & Success Coach

"Mackenzie is the real deal!!!!"

I cannot recommend Mackenzie's copywriting services enough!

When you work with Mackenzie, expect more than just pretty words - Mackenzie will give you the exact steps to take and tools you need to reach your business goals online.

Thanks to Mackenzie's help, I am confident that my website will be better able to attract more clients, book more of my services, and enable me to scale my business.

Sierra Janisse, Website & Graphic Designer

"When you work with Mackenzie, expect more than just pretty words."

I’m beyond happy with the copy she delivered! Mackenzie totally captured my voice in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own.

If you’re thinking of hiring her for a VIP day, it is SO worth the investment!
She took all the stress off of trying to go at this alone, and made it 10x better than I could have.

I feel SO much more confident going into my course launch now with a sales page that speaks directly to my ideal clients and is written to convert!

Lauren Taylar, Website Designer & SEO Consultant

"If you’re thinking of hiring mack for a VIP day, it is SO worth the investment! "

Mackenzie is such a word wizard!

I worked with her for my launch copy and she BY FAR exceeded my expectations!

I was so worried that hiring a copywriter would mean that they wouldn’t understand my brand and voice! Mackenzie not only knew how to write stellar copy for me but the attention to detail helped ME discover more about my ideal client!

Don’t hesitate to hire her immediately.

Nicole Stanley, Money Coach

"Mackenzie BY FAR exceeded my expectations!"

She took the time to understand my personality and ideal client and turned that into copy which was reflective of my voice.

Mackenzie has always exceeded my expectations. Now I am confident when leads land on my website because of the quality of writing that conveys exactly what I couldn’t find the words to.

I would highly recommend Mackenzie without a doubt!

Nina Deuterio, Graphic Designer

"Mackenzie has been a life saver for my business!"

She took my scrambled, confusing copy and streamlined it into a masterpiece. She took the time to understand my ideal client's needs and unique business model.

Now my copy flows beautifully, in my own voice!

I can't wait to work more with Mackenzie in the future and will be recommending her services to everyone! Thank you SO much ❤️

Lauren Bennett, Photographer

"Mackenzie is a copywriting genius."

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dr. elizabeth rodgers,
holistic healer

“I know for a fact that because of Mackenzie and the voice she has brought to my business, I'm going to be able to find and reach all of the people I’ve been working so hard to for so long.”

Anna-Christina Gustafson
Success coach

“I honestly regret not having invested in Mack a year ago.”


Book your Conversion Copy Takeover now!


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