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You captured what I wanted to say in a way that I feel truly authentic to it."

Anna-Christina Freudenberg
Business & Accounting Coach

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+ My signature Brand Breakdown Questionnaire
+ 90-minute Brand Breakthrough Intensive (via Zoom)
+ Strategic conversion copy for the project of your choosing turned around in 48 hours
+ One round of revisions
+ Loom screenshare video walking you through the final copy
+ Optional: 30-minute handoff call to answer any questions you may have

what's included:

A copywriter who delivers copy that converts (yet full of personality)?

Through a process that’s simple and painless?

All with a turnaround time of 48 hours?

So you’re telling me you want…

Done-for-You Copywriting

VIP Copywriting Weeks

And, what’s that? You also wouldn’t mind some sense of humor??

I’m telling you, that’s what you’ve got. 

how it works:
the vip day process

First, we'll hop on the phone for a quick introductory consult.

I'll answer any questions you have, and we'll chat about your project and what you’re looking for in an expert copywriter. This way, we can ensure we’re a good fit to move forward.

hop on a call to see if we're a match

How VIP  Week Magic Happens

How It Works

Score—we’re a match! 

This step is when we get the boring stuff out of the way (the contract and invoice), and I send you all the info and links you need before we get started.

lock in your project + kick off

Now, we get into the real FUN. I’ll send over a comprehensive questionnaire, specific to you and your project. I call this detailed beauty my Brand Breakdown Questionnaire. 

The Brand Breakdown Questionnaire will pull all the juicy deets I need from your brain and give me all the necessary info I need to nail your voice, vibe, and message for your dreamiest of clients.

my signature brand breakdown questionnaire

The day prior to your VIP Day, we’ll have our Brand Breakthrough Intensive.

During this Zoom call, we’ll dive deeper into the answers you laid out in the questionnaire and square away any last details before I dive into the work.

(Note: My cat will likely make an appearance at least twice. He’s a total camera slore.)

hello? it's me. It's time for our brand breakthrough intensive

Woohoo! The day has ARRIVED.

I spend this time researching, strategizing, writing, rewriting, and perfecting your masterpiece (aka the project copy). 

You spend your time doing...well...whatever you damn well please. 

I do my thing.
you do your thing.

After a round of revisions (if necessary), I’ll send you the final deliverables along with a Loom screenshare video walking you through the copy and how best to use it. 

Then, you’ll be on your way to changing your business (and the whole world for that matter) with your new copy!

handoff & celebrate


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What kind of projects are a good fit for
VIP weeks?

+ Sales pages
+ Email campaigns
+ Facebook & Instagram ad copy
+ Landing pages
+ Lead magnets
+ Video sales letters

Take your pick:

FINALLY, research-driven launch copy with attitude. That kinda copy that makes “hell yes!” the obvious (and only) choice for buyers. 

If your goal is to not simply make a sale but to build your empire one successfully sold-out launch at a time, you’re in the right place. 

Ready to make bank by letting your words do the work
(aka sell out your offer)?

Launch Copy

Launch Copy that lands Every time

show me the sales!

"She literally doubled my conversion rates."

Mackenzie took my sales page from "passably converting" to converting at the top tier of my expectations. She literally doubled my conversion rates.

I don't need to tell anyone selling a product out there how that impacts income, ad spend, and my ability to help more clients - it's a no-brainer.

She has a way with words and figured out how to tease desire out in the best way - and ways I never would have thought about.

Britney Gardner, Brand Strategist

If you want to take your coaching biz to the next level…your current unstructured website copy written with zero strategy will not cut it. Let me say that again—it just won’t get you there.  

For high-end clients and prospects to take you seriously and feel good about your signature offers, you need a website that reflects those high-end transformational results that you produce in your biz. 

Quit holding yourself back and start seeing the massive difference a website that tells your story and naturally takes readers on the journey from basic browser to brand-obsessed can make in your biz.

Need a site that drives traffic and CONSISTENTLY converts like crazy (all while actually sounding like you)?

Brand Story + Website Copy

Personality packed websites with Big Conversion Energy

show me the sales!

"[Mackenzie] BY FAR exceeded my expectations!"

Mackenzie is such a word wizard!

I worked with her for my launch copy and she BY FAR exceeded my expectations!

I was so worried that hiring a copywriter would mean that they wouldn’t understand my brand and voice! Mackenzie not only knew how to write stellar copy for me but the attention to detail helped ME discover more about my ideal client!

Don’t hesitate to hire her immediately.

Nicole Stanley, Money Coach

"Mackenzie is the real deal!!!!"

If you're looking for a copywriter who is going to get even MORE intimate with WHO your ideal client is and speak to them directly, look no further. [Mackenzie] does the extensive research about you, what you offer, and your client so that she can highlight your work and communicate it clearly to your ideal client so that they KNOW you are the person to help them

She's kind and committed to laying the foundation to ENSURE you are more clear than ever in your marketing

Whether you snag her programs that teach you how to do it, or you have her dive in and do it for you!!!! She's the real deal and such a pleasure to work with!!!!

Kenni-Richelle King, Business & Success Coach

"When you work with Mackenzie, expect more than just pretty words."

I cannot recommend Mackenzie's copywriting services enough! When you work with Mackenzie, expect more than just pretty words - Mackenzie will give you the exact steps to take and tools you need to reach your business goals online.

Thanks to Mackenzie's help, I am confident that my website will be better able to attract more clients, book more of my services, and enable me to scale my business.

Sierra Janisse, Website & Graphic Designer

"Mackenzie is a copywriting genius."

She took my scrambled, confusing copy and streamlined it into a masterpiece. She took the time to understand my ideal client's needs and unique business model.

Now my copy flows beautifully, in my own voice!

I can't wait to work more with Mackenzie in the future and will be recommending her services to everyone! Thank you SO much ❤️

Lauren Bennett, Photographer

"Mackenzie has been a life saver for my business!"

She took the time to understand my personality and ideal client and turned that into copy which was reflective of my voice.

Mackenzie has always exceeded my expectations. Now I am confident when leads land on my website because of the quality of writing that conveys exactly what I couldn’t find the words to.

I would highly recommend Mackenzie without a doubt!

Nina Deuterio, Graphic Designer

Mackenzie is a gem! Not only did she do a stellar job at creating the website content, but she did it in a style that was completely reflective of my business vision. 

 I would highly recommend her for any and all types of projects.

I will be using [Mackenzie] for all of my copywriting projects moving forward.

"I would highly recommend her for any and all types of projects."

Nicole Romero, Entrepreneur

1:1 Master Your Messaging™ Intensive

gain mad clarity & direction

Need help with a particular project you want to be sure will sell

Want an expert hand in developing a solid marketing strategy and an actionable plan to actually implement it? 

Or just struggling to figure out wtf to say with your messaging in the first place?? 

Gain mad clarity, find your direction, and make sure all the copy that comes after converts like crazy.

Sounds to me like you need to Master Your Messaging.

During your 90-minute video intensive, we’ll dive into the specific copywriting project you want to tackle or just general copy or business development topics you’d like to improve on. 

This is also a great opportunity for those looking for support to develop their brand voice, vibe, and story.

P.S. You’ll also get the video recording from our session, so you can review it on your own as needed.





Private 90-Minute Intensive


Investment: $2,497

Payment plans available

After our intensive, I’ll create a comprehensive action plan with everything you need to successfully implement what we covered on our call. 

Each Confident Copy Action Plan is completely tailored to you, your brand, and your goals and is designed to support you step-by-step as you write your own copy. 


Custom Confident Copy Action Plan




Once you lock in your copy coaching intensive through the link above, an email will hit your inbox with a quick questionnaire to fill out prior to our call. 

This will help me get to know you, your biz, and your goals a bit before we chat!

I got your back beyond our call.

Hit me up via Voxer with any questions you have, or send me some copy you want me to check out and provide feedback on via email.

During these 5 business days, I'll be there to personally support you however you need.


5 Days of Voxer & Email Support




book a call to get started!

Payment plans available

Investment: $2,497

"When you work with Mackenzie, expect more than just pretty words - Mackenzie will give you the exact steps to take and tools you need to reach your business goals online."

Sierra Janisse, Website & Graphic Designer